12 Ideas to Stay Active if You Are Stuck at Home

March 23, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced millions of people from around the world to hunker down at home and use social distancing to help flatten the curve. If you are going stir crazy and want a break from the pandemic news stream, there are plenty of ways you can stay active at home. How many times do we wish we could just stay home? Well now is the time, let’s embrace it!

  1. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet: getting your linen closet organized is a great project to tackle and solving the mystery of how to fold a sheet is always a challenge. Never fear! This quick two-minutes video will teach you how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly! Click here to watch.
  2. Clean out your media center: do you still own a massive collection of outdated DVDs and CDs? This could be the perfect time to box up that collection and get it ready to drop off at the closest donation center.
  3. Clean your brushes and combs: let’s face it, our brushes and combs are probably the last thing we think about cleaning, but cleaning is the trend. Sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl of warm water. Then place your hairbrushes and combs in the bowl and allow them to soak. Rinse and then air dry.
  4. Take control of the cord chaos: during this time, we are all grateful for technology to keep us connected and informed, however those electronci cords can get out of control. Give them some love by untangling and labeling them – start by unplugging everything from power sources, then wind your way back to the device. When you find where each cord goes, add an identifying label.
  5. Take an online class: did you know that Planet Fitness is offering online exercise classes via Facebook live every day? Tune into their Facebook page at 4pm and get your body moving!
  6. Give your bathroom a deep clean: the bathroom can be the grimiest place in the house. This is a great time to clear off the counters and give them a deep clean. Maybe the cabinet is overflowing with old products and outdated medications? Take the time to get it cleaned and organized.
  7. Organized your junk drawer: small victories are big wins and these quick junk drawer organization tips will tame the chaos of too many rubber bands, pens and batteries of all different sizes. Click here to get these quick tips!
  8. Give your grout a fresh look: now that you are spending all these time at home, you may have noticed that the grout in your tile flooring is looking a little dull. With a little elbow grease and equal parts vinegar, baking soda and bleach will give your grout a fresh look in minutes.
  9. Put your green thumb to work: on Amazon you can purchase seeds and a starter planner kit and put your green thumb to work – with a little water and sunshine you will be growing greens before you know it.
  10. Optimize your pantry: with all those extra supplies that you have stocked up on, your pantry may be feeling a little overwhelming. Take the time to toss out expired foods, organize shelves by cans and jars. Maybe its time to donate some food items to the local food bank?
  11. Prep your soil: the weather for planting in Prescott will be perfect in just a few weeks, so why not get your soil ready? Coffee grounds will improve soil drainage, aeration and water retention. You could also add crumbled eggshells into planting holes to prevent rot and repel pests.
  12. Host a “virtual” happy hour: isolation can lead to depression, so why not stay connected with your friends and family by hosting a “virtual” happy hour? All you need is a video conferencing app like Zoom or a Google hangout – and your drink of choice – then you can connect with an online “cheers!”

If you or anyone you know is in need of essential supplies, food, water, etc. or need help getting medications please reach out. We are all in this together!

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Source: https://www.realtor.com/news/trends/fun-ways-to-pass-the-time-when-youre-stuck-at-home/

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