3 Best Places to Hike in Prescott this Spring

April 14, 2015

3 Best Places to Hike in Prescott this Spring
watson_lake_loop_trail_img1Spring weather in Prescott makes it the perfect time to experience an outdoor getaway from big city life. Prescott boasts a cool refreshing temperature year round, but the springtime wildflowers are a sight to see. Prescott is surrounded by forested mountains of pine and blue spruce and has a variety of different lakes and hiking trails that offer scenic views in every direction for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Here are the 3 best places to hike in Prescott this spring.
1.) Thumb Butte Trail 33: Thumb Butte Trail 33 is Prescott’s most popular hiking trail and is located just three miles from downtown Prescott. The trail loop begins moderately steep and levels more gently as it passes through breathtaking forested canyon. The views at the top of Prescott, the Bradshaw Mountains and Mingus Mountain are an amazing testament to nature. On a clear day you can even see the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff.
2.) Lynx Creek Ruin Trail: If you’re in the market for catching a glimpse of history while you hike, then the Lynx Creek Ruin Trail is for you. Known for offering an easy hike of about .75 miles, this beautiful trail has an interpretive area overlooking a prehistoric ruin of ancient Indian culture. Located just a few miles from sparkling Lynx Lake, you’ll never forget these wonderful views and the taste of history.
3.) Forrest Trail 320: Forest Trail 320 is an easy trail in a gorgeous section of the Prescott National Forest and a perfect hike for all levels of hikers. At one point the trails enters a lovely open area which is the future site of a Nature Center. If you continue to trek up the hill past the beautiful you will find a picnic area, boat rentals, and a store. Those who take the side trail back at the future Nature Center, you will not only see a small wash to Lynx Creek, large boulders, and a small flume that will further confirm the well worth it hike.
The best thing about Prescott is there are numerous trails to enjoy within a short twenty-minute drive from downtown Prescott. Some even allow horseback riding, mountain biking, and four-wheeling. Prescott also houses three different gorgeous lakes, the Dells, Watson Lake, and Lynx Lake to enjoy. So whether you’re a permanent resident, just passing through, or escaping from Phoenix for the weekend, come to Prescott and enjoy the many beautifully natural hiking trails this spring!
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