3 Great Reasons to Build a Custom Home

April 29, 2015

3 Great Reasons to Build a Custom Home

007__T6F88592Do you find yourself struggling between the decision to buy a preexisting home or to build a custom home? You’re not alone. Many homebuyers are looking for their dream home to retire in or pass on to the next generation. And the general assumption is that a pre-built home will be a better financial option but you could be sacrificing some of the amenities and features you’d get from designing your own custom home. So how do you decide? Here are 3 great reasons to build a custom home.

1.) Get everything you want and nothing you don’t

When you purchase a preexisting home, you may end up with extra space you didn’t need or lack of space that you wanted. Maybe you wanted a walk-in pantry but instead got extra cabinetry. Or perhaps you wanted additional access to your balcony from your bedroom but the option was not available. Also with a pre-built home, you’re also possibly buying the previous owners unknown maintenance issues, like structural integrity, quality of building materials used, dated appliances, and more. Building a custom home guarantees you’re getting everything brand new which could dramatically save on maintenance costs in the future. Crystal Creek Builders helps you create a custom home from floor to ceiling and give you everything you want and nothing you don’t in your dream home.

2.) Energy efficient and sustainability

When you build a new home, you ensure that your house will be built with consideration and materials that save you money every month and meet the highest energy efficient standards. There is also a Federal Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit to offset annual expenses for your custom built home. This credit allows for up to thirty percent of certain green building materials to be deducted from your taxes. Crystal Creek Builders offer thoughtfully planned, carefully crafted Health Smart Homes to provide comfort and energy savings. We assure peace of mind for our homeowners through added health and increased environmental quality.

3.) Quality safety standards

Another advantage to building a custom home is the complete assurance that your home is being built in accordance to the most up to date safety codes. It can be difficult and costly to retrofit a preexisting home to meet the most current safety standards. Custom built homes assure important safety measures and regulations are being met such as up-to-date wiring systems. And you can be rest assured that hazardous materials that can be found in older, historical homes such as asbestos, lead, and formaldehyde will not be present in new home building products. Crystal Creek Builders utilize features such as hard-wired smoke alarms, deadbolt locks, fire sprinkler systems, and air-tightening construction methods to increase safety, quality, and peace of mind.

Think building a custom home might be a right fit for you? Let Crystal Creek Builders build you the home of your dreams. We’ve been building homes for more than twenty-five years in Prescott, AZ. We pride ourselves on giving you the home of your dreams, everything from the design to construction. Contact us today to learn about our free lot evaluation and $975 Custom Home Design.

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