3 Simple Ways to Cheer Up Your Home this Fall

3 Simple Ways to Cheer Up Your Home this Fall

Fall in Prescott is notably one of the most beautiful seasons. The crisp, cool evenings and the vibrantly changing leaves helps make outdoor festivals all the more enjoyable. So before we’re hit with the gray chilly days of winter, try these 3 simple ways to cheer up your home this fall.

1.) Add fragrance: Walking into your home and being welcomed by a nice scent is a great way to cheer up your home instantly. Choose organically scented candles in your favorite fragrance, diffuse some uplifting aromatherapy oils, or simply take items from your kitchen like pumpkin and nutmeg and steep them in water in a heat-safe container over a votive or tea light candle for a more subtle scent.

2.) Lighten up: Darker, cooler days that may you feel ho hum needn’t affect your home’s interior. Add a warm, happy glow to your home by replacing cold or harshly lit bulbs with softer daylight bulbs. Sometimes rooms need a little more light to brighten up the space. Design experts recommend having at least three points of light in any room. And if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, it provides a great source of soft lighting as well as a homey, comfortable heat source.

3.) Bring the outdoors in: Fall in Prescott brings some vibrant, powerful color in the leaves and blooms, so why not bring those persimmon, russet and pumpkin tones indoors by adding a few new plants to your home? Nothing brightens up a home quite like natures energy. Try flowering branches in a brightly colored vase, hanging plants in the corner of your kitchen, or arranging succulents on your window sill. Even adding a few of your favorite fall leaves to your existing plants for color accents makes a nice touch. Whatever plants grab your attention, add a few of your favorites in each room to cheer up your home.

Fall comes and goes and before you know it we’ll need to don our heaviest sweaters for the winter season. But there’s no reason your home can’t still be your sanctuary. Try out one or all of these 3 simple ways to cheer up your home this fall and see what feels right for your home. If you’d like information about building a custom home in Prescott, please contact Crystal Creek Builders today. And don’t forget to ask about our free lot evaluations!

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