4 Fun Fall Décor Trends for your Kitchen

October 3, 2018

4 Fun Fall Décor Trends for your Kitchen

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Think pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pie are the only way to authentically enjoy the fall season? Think again! With the crisp, fall weather comes some fun seasonal décor changes you can add to make your kitchen an autumn paradise for the season. Here are 4 fun fall décor trends for your kitchen than will really cozy up the heart of your home.

1.) Fall aromas: Fall décor is typically considered to be visual but you can bring your nose into the mix by adding some warm fall aromas to your kitchen. Think cinnamon, apple cider, nutmeg, and of course pumpkin scents to add an inviting, welcoming scent all over. Consider using either candles, incense, or boil a pot of spices to waft throughout your home.

2.) Capture the season in jars:  This makes a great family craft of just a fun D-I-Y project to add an artistic fall punch of color to your kitchen. Use mason jars or decorative glass jars in multiple sizes and fill them with nature’s fall colors to display on counter tops and shelves. You can use anything from sticks and multi-colored fall leaves to candy corn and other colorful novelty items. It’s a fun, easy way to add some fall focus.

3.) Display goodies: Tis the season to display your favorite fall treats. So whether it’s a plate full of homemade apple cider donuts, gourds and pumpkins in various shapes and colors, or the classic pumpkin pie, find a pretty fall plate and display your goodies on the counter for all to see (and eat!)

4.) Go bold! Love pumpkin orange but want more than just a temporary fix of your favorite fall hue? Go bold and add a pumpkin orange accent wall to your kitchen, backsplash, or even the interior of your cabinets. If you’re bold enough to use an eye-popping color like this, be sure your room has plenty of natural light to open up your space and pair with coordinating colors you don’t mind seeing all year round such as earthy shades, jewel tones, or natural green hues.

Fall is a wonderful season and trying out one or more of these 4 fun fall décor trends for your kitchen is a great way to add a nice touch of the season to your home. If you’d like more fall décor tip or if you’re interested in building a custom home in Prescott, please contact Crystal Creek Builders today! Our custom design fee is only $975 and we can design you the home of your dreams from scratch or you can base it off of one of our pre-designed floorplans.

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