These 5 Adorable Kids Share What Freedom Means to Them

July 2, 2017

These 5 Adorable Kids Share What Freedom Means to Them

For nearly everyone, Independence Day serves as a reminder and an opportunity to celebrate and display the meaning of true freedom. And while most adults know what freedom means to them, for children it can mean something entirely different. These 5 adorable kids share what freedom means to them. 

1.) “My idea of freedom is to be able to not depend on others to do my work. It’s also discovering and inventing things by myself.”

2.) “Freedom is a perspective. It’s an ability to decide your own right and wrong. What’s right for you maybe wrong for someone else.”

3.) “Freedom is to be able to eat only chocolates all day long without having to eat any green vegetables.”

4.) “Freedom is to wear my favorite yellow dress and go out for more shopping with mom.”

5.) “I usually like to play outside the house with my friends. It is definitely more fun than playing inside the house. So freedom for me would be to not have mom around for a bit so I can go out and play.”

Hopefully these innocent perspectives will make you feel young at heart and appreciative of the freedoms not everyone can enjoy. Happy Independence Day!

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