6 Easy Steps to Your New Crystal Creek Built Home

August 11, 2016

6 Easy Steps to Your New Crystal Creek Built Home 6 Easy Steps to Your New Crystal Creek Built Home

Crystal Creek Builders has made it easy to build the custom home of your dreams. With these 6 easy steps, you could be living in your new Prescott, Arizona home in no time!

  1. Pricing and Review: As Prescott’s leading custom home builder, we will compute a price that works for your financial comfort zone while keeping the features you want in your home. Let our twenty-six years in custom home building assure you that we know how to find the best values, and maintain high quality.
  2. Plans and Approvals: Once we have your budget determined, our design and drafting staff will create a complete set of drawings that will provide every detail you need, and we will supply all the required documents to your lender, and homeowners association (if applicable).
  3. Financing and Permits: If you do not have your own financing or cash, Crystal Creek Builders can recommend some of the best lending options in Prescott, Arizona. You do not need to worry about the permit process we will handle those details on your behalf.
  4. Construction: As your custom Prescott home comes to life, you are welcome to visit and inspect any time. If you happen to change your mind about something, change orders can be made at almost any stage of the design and construction stages.
  5. Final Inspection: Once your dream custom home has become a reality, we will do a final inspection inside and out to ensure you are satisfied with the final product. And, Crystal Creek Builders will provide a two-year home warranty.

It’s just that easy! If you are ready to start building the custom home of your dreams here in Prescott, Arizona contact us today at 928-445-3200 or online at https://crystalcreekhomes.com/.

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