6 Spring Fire Safety Tips

April 23, 2017

6 Spring Fire Safety Tips

Summer is just around the corner and more people are heading outdoors to enjoy the season in Prescott. But with the twenty-five acre grass fire in Prescott Valley sparked by a downed electrical pole a few weeks ago, spring fire safety is a priority this time of year.  The Prescott National Forest would like to remind visitors and residents in communities adjacent to the forest to be extra cautious while engaging in activities that have the potential for starting a wildfire. Here are 6 spring fire safety tips to remember.

1.) Be aware: Everything from windy days and higher temperatures to decreased humidity and dryer vegetation can contribute to spring wild fire season in Prescott. That’s why it’s important to be proactive and cognizant of your surroundings before engaging in outdoor activities that could cause an unwanted fire.

2.) Tow safely: When towing, ensure your safety chains are securely attached to your vehicle and that they are of the proper length. Many wildfires have been caused by dragging chains behind vehicles. In many cases, multiple fires have been started on the edge of a road for miles – often never noticed by the driver.

3.) Camp wisely: Choose your site for a campfire wisely. Look for areas free of forest vegetation and not under low hanging branches or tree-tops. Gently clear away debris on the ground within three to four feet around your campfire, but remember you can’t cut trees and shrubs to make room for your campfire.

4.) Safe shooting: Target shooting is allowed on national forest lands unless otherwise posted, but it is your responsibility to ensure you are not on other lands where it is not allowed. Ensure you’re shooting against a backstop unlikely to cause a ricochet and most importantly ensure you are not shooting toward or across trails and roads

5.) Create space: Creating defensible space around your property such as clearing brush, dense trees, and grass reduces the potential of fire spreading to your home and reducing the possibility of a spot fire from an ember of a nearby wildfire starting on your property. By doing so, you increase the safety margin and options for your fire fighters to take action in defending your home from the threats of wildfire.

6.) Report concerns: If you stumble upon something or someone that concerns you, do not take action yourself. Make notes of any important information such as the location of the concern, vehicle descriptions, license plates, and a description of what you saw. Do not stay at the scene; rather, ensure you are out of harm’s way and call for help: Call 911 or if you see a fire on the Prescott National Forest call 928-777-5700 or on State and private lands call 623-582-0911.

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