6 Trends in Kitchen and Laundry Appliances for 2021

March 27, 2021

The recent Kitchen and Bath Industry Show – held virtually this year – introduced new products and ideas that reflect the changes in thinking brought about by our challenging 2020. A recent article on Houzz.com summarized a few kitchen and laundry trends

As builders and designers of custom homes, Crystal Creek loves seeing these ideas as much as you do.  Just note that we’re sharing them here to whet your appetite, not to endorse any particular product or manufacturer.


Get Steamed.  Many new appliances are using water vapor to get things clean.

  • LG offers a dishwasher that features a steam blast at the beginning of a cycle to loosen caked-on food, and another blast at the end to reduce water spots on glassware.
  • LG also offers a steam closet also doesn’t require plumbing. It’s designed to fit into a walk-in closet or laundry room, to refresh clothes between washings.
  • Sharp has a built-in wall oven that offers super-heated steam at temperatures of 485ºF. That means you can brown meats, caramelize sugar and grill foods without smoke.


Going Out at Home. Many of us have missed getting out of the house for a glass of wine, cocktail or fancy coffee. Some new appliances help re-create the experience at home.

  • Plum’s wine dispenser can hold two opened bottles of wine for up to 90 days so you can have a glass of wine at the touch of a button.
  • GE Profile’s nugget ice maker lets you have “good ice” at home for your cocktails or mocktails. It’s designed to fit on countertops and low enough to clear cabinets.
  • Miele has a countertop coffee system that allows you to control the quantities of water, milk and froth at any point in the preparation. And you can store user preferences.


Health and Hygiene.  These days homeowners are more conscious of health and hygiene at home.

  • Beko’s French door refrigerator maintains temperature and humidity, keeping food fresh longer, and simulates photosynthesis to help fruits and vegetables retain their nutrients.
  • A frequent complaint with front-load washing machines is that lingering moisture can lead to mildew. GE offers a model that wicks away water at the end of each cycle and a venting system that pulls in outside air.
  • Miele offers washers that come with an allergy wash and sanitize option, meaning clothes come out hygienically clean – and dryers offer fragrance choices.


Customized Appliances.  If it’s time to move on from black, white and stainless, here are some options.

  • BlueStar by Design already offers more than 1,000 colors for its appliances. Now you can choose a favorite swatch, photo, tile pattern or anything else for range or refrigerator panels.
  • Monogram offers pro ranges with brass accents and muscular details. You can customize the mood in your kitchen with different LED lighting options.
  • Some Samsung appliances have changeable front panels that let you mix eight colors and a choice of stainless steel or glass finishes for a custom look.


More Drawers. Many homeowners like drawer storage for their lower kitchen cabinets – a function that is becoming more popular in appliances.

  • Fisher & Paykel introduced a new dishwashing drawer, which features a stainless steel interior, soft-close function, wine glass grippers and Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Sharp’s new smart convection microwave drawer oven, compatible with Amazon Echo, that combines sensor microwave cooking with dual convection fans for baking, roasting, grilling and air frying.
  • Signature Kitchen Suite’s dual refrigerator drawers allow you to select from six temperature zones. Wi-Fi lets you monitor and adjust temperatures remotely.


Go Big or Go Small. Recognizing that kitchens come in all sizes and households have different needs, manufacturers are offering more choices in appliance widths.

  • Forza’s new 48-inch professional gas range has a single-cavity oven that measures a spacious 7.8 cubic feet, with 40 inches of clearance, meaning you can rotisserie a couple of Thanksgiving turkeys or bake 120 cookies at once.
  • One of Miele dishwasher lines includes an 18-inch size, perfect for smaller kitchens or, for entertainers, as a backup to a standard-size dishwasher.
  • Thor’s 24-inch gas range offers a professional look and features, but in a width that fits a compact kitchen.


As you dream about your custom home’s new kitchen, we’re here to help.  Give us a call when you’re ready to see what new technology can do for you!


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