8 Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2020

January 28, 2020

At the Design & Construction Week held in Las Vegas, Nevada last week new trends for bathrooms and kitchens were revealed and we think you are going to love these new looks! Check out these eight bathroom and kitchen trends for 2020!

Transitional Style: the most prevalent style across all products from appliances to fixtures to cabinetry is transitional. It’s not surprise, considering this is the number one style for remodeled kitchens, according to Houzz research. Shaker style cabinets were featured among all brands, and appliances manufactures are adjusting their designs in response to the popularity of the transitional style.

Dramatic Colors: this was a hot trend last year and its not going away in 2020. Many brands showcased dark and dramatic colors on cabinetry and counters. Caesarstone just introduced a new dark surface including Black Tempal and Oxidian, a blend of dark gray, rust and blue. Coming to the market by Cosentino is a dark blue (Baltic) and green (Feroe) and Cambria will introduce a new black surface with shimmering gold veins.

Neutral Counters: while dramatic colors are a growing trend, a mainstay is light and neutral for countertops. Cambria debuted twenty new slabs for 2020, with eighteen of the new colors that are light, primarily white with veins of navy, gray, black with gold flakes.

Black, Blue and Green Cabinetry: Although white cabinetry is still the number one choice for homeowners remodeling their kitchens or bathrooms, according to Houzz research, wood tones are the second-most popular choice. But an emerging trend for 2020 will include cabinets in dark colors like black or deep charcoals, while green and blue have been a trending option for a few years. The top color for kitchen islands is blue that contrasts with the rest of the cabinetry which is no surprise following the announcement of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue.

Raised Textures: another booming trend is raised textures in kitchen sinks and tile. The Neoroc farmhouse sink is available with a fluted textured front or a matte finish made of quartz particles and an epoxy resin – available in a variety of colors such as graphite, gray, white, beige, taupe, brown and later this year, plum. There will be an increased demand for backsplashes and wall tiles that include raised textures, floral mosaics – products that allow for different shapes.

Upgraded Professional-Style Kitchen Tools: Just about every brand showcased a pull-down facet with visible spring for the industrial vibe. The same trend was true for major appliances, while manufactures are designing products that give the chef the feel of a real working kitchen. For example, Monogram is now selling a hearth oven that can be used for cooking pizza, vegetables, whole fish, and Gaggenua which is an upgraded combi-steam oven – and a grill can be added.

Personalized Customization: Manufactures have designed many ways a homeowner can personalize their upgrades, mix and match finishes to create their own look. Some of these options include unique knobs for cabinets, different finishes for faucets where a homeowner could mix and match a brushed gold handle with a matte black faucet. Let’s not forget the kitchen sink! Elkay introduced a stainless-steel farmhouse sink with interchangeable apron front – six shades of stainless steel plus a white fireclay.

Usable Tech for Your Lifestyle: while technology is nothing new in our world, it seems that manufactures have finally figured out to create products that are actually useful to homeowners, instead of creating tech just for the sake of creating tech. For example, Moen and the Silicon Valley startup Nebia partnered to create a spa-like shower that works by atomizing water – breaking it up into tiny droplets to create a sensation of more water but actually uses about forty-five percent less.

Another cool tech upgrade is the invention of handheld shower faucets that use a Keurig-style pod which infused the steam with essential oils! Voice activation with products like Amazon, Alexa or Google Home can now be used to control lighting, turn on your shower to a preset temperature and start your morning soundtrack. In the kitchen, Home Connect apps for Bosch, Gaggenau and Thermador will allow a homeowner to create moods for the kitchen, customize cooking times, start oven lights, lower blinds or turn on music from connected speakers.

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Source: www.houzz.com/magazine

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