Adding a She Shed to your Custom Home Design

October 14, 2020

Giving man caves everywhere a run for their money, the little backyard hideaways known as she sheds are cozy spots for the woman of the house to take a mini vacation. Whether it’s to focus on gardening or curl up with a good book, the she shed can be anything you want it to be.
As you consider your custom home design, now’s the time to add a little piece of heaven to your outdoor plans.

Here’s a little decorating inspiration to bring that personal oasis to life.

  • Define the purpose. The point of a she shed is to have a quiet space that allows you to embrace a hobby that’s important to you. If you want to focus on gardening, design it as a potting shed. If you’re a painter, give yourself plenty of natural light. If you just want to hang out, design it with all the comforts you need.
  • Power up. Make the shed part of your home design by ensuring that you have electrical power and even plumbing at your disposal. Lighting can create special moods. You may want your own TV and sound. Plan ahead!
  • Add special touches. Decorating a she shed isn’t about spending lots of money—it’s about creating a space that feels relaxed, cozy and like an extension of your personality. So look to flea markets and antique shops for unexpected finds. And don’t miss your chance for a unique coat of paint on both the exterior and interior.
  • Get close to nature. Placing your shed in a secluded spot and surrounding it with grassy plants, vines, and window boxes full of flowers helps create a tranquil vibe, all the better for establishing a calm place to get some thinking done. Bring the garden inside as well, by decorating with plants, freshly picked flower arrangements, and plush pillows featuring feminine floral patterns.
  • Create an inviting entry. Give your she shed an inviting look – for yourself and if you’re hoping to entertain friends there.
  • Equip for entertaining. While the point of a she shed is to get away from it all, that doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect spot for girls’ night. Make sure your mini-fridge and bar are close at hand, and that you are stocked with party essentials. You can also bring the party outside with a mini patio or fire pit.

The main rule about she sheds is that there are no rules. It’s all about creating a small special space that works for you. And we’re not being sexist here – guys can create their own he sheds, too! For men who want some other ideas, you can click here for our “Man Cave” blog.

For more information on including specialized spaces in your custom home, give us a call. Let’s talk about it!

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Thanks for the idea, Country Living and other sources.

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