Are You Looking for a Cave Home? There is One for Sale in Arizona!

February 24, 2020

Built in the mid-1980’s amongst thirty-seven acres of Arizona desert is a real-life cave home! The owners used a Swedish mining technique to carve a comfortable modern home right in the side of the mountainside, located near the former mining town of Bisbee, Arizona. This ingenious cave idea actually created a unique weatherproof home – unlike any others – and today it’s on the market for a whopping $998,500! This one-of-a-kind home is 2,500 square feet featuring a main house with a jaw-dropping tropical bathroom, kitchen, dining area, spiral staircase and a loft bedroom. Above ground is also a detached two-story guesthouse with an office, library, workshop and carport. The cave home is fed by natural hot springs, which fill pools and a hot tub located throughout the property. The boulders surrounding the home help to keep temperatures constant throughout long, hot desert summers and chilly winters. In the early 1900s, Bisbee was a booming mining town, and now a haven for artists looking for an affordable place to reside. This cave home is the perfect representation of Southern Arizona’s vibe, rugged and fiercely individual. Click here to see more about Arizona’s Cave Home! Your Friends, Crystal Creek Builders “Thoughtfully Planned…Carefully Crafted” 928-445-3200 Join us on Facebook! Source: Photo Source:

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