Building Green in 2016

January 28, 2016

Building Green in 2016

Falling-Oil-Prices-Good-for-New-Homes-crystal-creek-buildersThe typical household spends about $2,150 a year on residential energy bills according to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). By adopting green building strategies, you can not only reduce your energy bills but also benefit the environment but minimizing energy usage. There are countless environmental, economic, and social benefits to building green in 2016 such as, improving air and water quality of your home, reducing operating costs of home maintenance, and overall improvement in your quality of life.

Crystal Creek Builders builds each of our custom homes to provide comfort and energy savings right here in Prescott. We assure peace of mind for our homeowners through added health, safety and increased environmental quality. Our custom built homes are designed to last for a lifetime with the type of environmental impact homeowners can be proud of and pass down to future generations. Every new Crystal Creek home includes the following the Health Smart™ features:

  • Highly energy efficient home design
  • Extensive use of recycled natural materials when possible
  • Hot water re-circulating pump
  • Ductwork sealed with mastic at joints for reduced leakage and increased energy savings
  • Air returns designed for maximum balance of heating and cooling systems
  • Energy efficient construction framing
  • Quality dual-pane vinyl Low-E thermal windows and skylights
  • Efficient heating and cooling equipment
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Airtight recessed ceiling can lights
  • Ceiling fans for increased air movement
  • Sensitivity to nature preservation
  • Low water-use toilets and faucets

If you’re ready to build green in 2016 and make a positive environmental impact then contact Crystal Creek Builders today to learn more about our Health Smart™ Homes. And don’t forget to ask about our Custom Home Design Services for only $975!

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