Choose HEALTH SMART™ Homes

June 21, 2019

Choose HEALTH SMART™ Homes

If you are in the market for a new home in Prescott, Arizona, you may want to choose a HEALTH SMART™ home with Crystal Creek Builders.

Crystal Creek Builders builds each of its custom homes to provide comfort and energy savings. We assure peace of mind for our homeowners through added health, safety and increased environmental quality. Every new Crystal Creek Builder custom home includes tons of HEALTH SMART™ features such as highly energy efficient home design which includes extensive use of recycled natural materials when possible, hot water re-circulating pump, and low water-use toilets and faucets.

well-insulated home is not only efficient but can save hundreds of dollars a year on utility costs. That’s why Crystal Creek Builders’ use air-tightening construction methods with foam sealant at exterior wall penetrations and door frames. We also implement R-22 thermal spray insulation in exterior walls, R-38 monitored quality ceiling insulation, insulated interior bath and laundry room walls for sound control, and even insulated garage doors.

To learn more about Crystal Creek Builders’ carefully crafted HEALTH SMART™ home features and benefits, please visit And if you’d like to build a custom home in the Prescott area, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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