Clean up with a well-designed laundry room

September 19, 2020

Since the average household spends at least six hours a week taking care of their laundry, it’s not surprising that homeowners crave a more organized and attractive laundry space. A custom builder like Crystal Creek can help you create the laundry area that will do more than get the job done!

The laundry room has steadily been coming out basements and closets and moving into more convenient areas of the home, such as the master suite, mudroom and off the kitchen and garage. In fact, most designers are incorporating more detailed laundry rooms in their house plans so homeowners can create a comfortable and functional space for the whole family to enjoy.

Color. Some of the more popular trends in the laundry room are a change to bold colors and designs. Up until a few years ago, you basically had a choice of white or off-white with the occasional steel or black, but now you’re seeing manufacturers offer a broader spectrum of colorful washer and dryers. Colors like Pacific Blue, Wild Cherry, and Tuscan Chestnut can add style and elegance to a laundry room. In the same way, unfinished or stark white walls have been replaced by bright colors to match these new and stylish washer and dryers, to enhance the look and feel of your laundry room.

Function. Organization is critical to ensure functionality and efficiency in the laundry room. Incorporating a storage system that meets your needs is a great way to get organized. When you pick out your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, be sure to see if there’s also a line of laundry cabinets. It’s a good idea to have your cabinets go up to the ceiling so you can store more and avoid dust collecting. This is one room where you can’t have enough accessories to help with organization and multi-tasking, like all-in-one ironing stations, sorting/drying tables, and storage space and a small soaking sink.

Counters.  Quartz has become a top countertop choice for kitchens for its ability to hold up to heat, impact, scratches, stains, chipping and cracking. All these reasons make it a top counter material for laundry rooms, too. When you think of all the laundry detergent, bleach, cleaning products etc., that might leak, spill, accumulate and/or collect on laundry room surfaces – you’ll be glad you chose quartz.

Equipment. With today’s advancements in laundry and fabric care, there are many types of washers and dryers to choose from. Your task is finding the right brand and model for your needs and lifestyle. It goes without saying that your new washer and dryer should be ENERGY STAR® approved and water efficient. It’s that age old saying “you get what you pay for.” Just like your kitchen appliances, your washer and dryer will need to perform regularly and efficiently. A few extra dollars now may even produce years of saving.

Extras.  Beyond the drying tables and hidden ironing board, why not a desk, TV or audio system so you can really make the most of time spent doing laundry? And don’t forget Fluffy.  Many homeowners are incorporating pet-friendly spaces for everything from storage of those giant food bags to floor-level washing stations to sleeping/feeding cubbies.

It may not be the most attention-getting spot in your house, but the right design can make a big difference every day.

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