$975 Custom Home Design

(a $15,000 value)

Brings Your Dreams to Life

What will your new home look like? Our $975 custom design will show you. We’ll evaluate your wish list and design a floorplan for each level of your home, including exterior elevations and a tailored site plan.

Not sure what you want, or what your budget can afford? Reach out to us and we will discuss your options together!


A Small Price for a Firm Quote

After we complete your free lot evaluation, our talented in-house design team will gather all that information and meet with you to better understand what, exactly, you need to see in your new home, inside and out. Then, we’ll create custom plans.

Thanks to powerful pricing technology, preparing your quote from these preliminary plans is seamless and speedy. Plus, if your dreams exceed your budget, you can trust us to work with you to adjust the design to fit your finances.

And we’ll always give you a firm quote. No other local builder provides this service.

$975 Custom Design Fee Is 100% Refundable

The best part is, once you decide to build a Crystal Creek home, we’ll refund that $975 initial investment. Because we know you have better things to do with your money when you’re preparing to move into a new custom home!

Check Out These Sample Custom Designs

New to the building process? As full-service custom homebuilders, we’re here to advise you and walk you through every step. Here are examples of what your preliminary $975 custom design includes:

Again, these are just examples to help you better understand our process. Your custom design will be as unique as you and your dreams.