Design Your Custom Home for Perfect Holiday Entertaining

October 26, 2022

Holidays and family gatherings are a huge priority for many and can be one of the fun design elements when designing a custom-built home. A home that embodies perfect at-home entertaining memories needs space that is comfortable, practical, and stylish.

Keep in mind these 10 concepts for the ultimate at-home entertaining space as shared in an article from RoomHints:

  • An open-floor plan
  • A luxurious kitchen with island for conversation
  • A dining room table to accommodate large groups
  • An inviting and functional entryway
  • A backyard that offers indoor/outdoor lifestyle
  • Good lighting that sets a mood
  • A powder room with privacy
  • A wine cellar or wine room
  • A place for the kids to hang out
  • Adequate parking

Working with your design team to identify traffic flow is a critical part of the whole process. Questions like, “How will people move through each space”? “Are there awkward areas where crowding occurs as people move through the home”?
“What elements are needed to incorporate the grandkids”?

Cooking, eating, lounging, and socializing can all happen in the same place, and hosts and guests can all stay connected, socialize, and take part in the action.

Having a home that allows people to move freely, comfortably, and organically will make your job as a host a lot less stressful during the holidays.

Contact our design team at Crystal Creek and start building a home perfect for holiday entertaining.

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