Feng Shui Tips for Your New Home

October 29, 2020

Feng shui is the Chinese practice of creating balance with the natural world in our interior spaces. Pronounced “fung shway,” the term literally translates into English as wind-water, and it’s gone full-on mainstream in western culture. Feng shui is not only based on common-sense practices, but can make our homes healthier and more organized, which in turn can affect our mood and well-being.

As you think about creating your custom home, here are some general tips. There are hundreds of books on the topic if want to learn more.

  • Slow Down the Energy Flow. When there is a direct line-of-sight between the front door and the back door, it means the chi (or energy) is shooting through the house too fast. Slow things down with a patterned rug on the floor, artwork on the walls, or even a round entry table.
  • Keep the Path to the Front Door Clear. The front door is the main portal through which energy enters your home. Think of the chi as a first-time visitor trying to find your home. From the outside you want to make sure your home is clearly lit and well-marked. On the inside, you want to make sure visitors are not walking directly into a wall. Install a mirror in the entry area and connect an intention to it, like expanding the opportunities in your life and not allowing yourself to feel limited.
  • Give Guests a Reason to Pause. When you invite a visitor into your home, it would be weird for them to head straight to the fridge or the bedroom, right? Instead, you want them to linger in a common area. Slow down energy flowing into your home by adding a stair runner or artwork that causes them to pause and reflect. Another feng shui solution is placing a grounding element that symbolizes heaviness at the top of the stairs to anchor the chi and force it to slow down.
  • Balance the Five Elements. The five elements—earth, wood, fire, water, and metal—can be present in your home either physically or symbolically. For example, you could bring the fire element with warm tones, like reds and oranges, or you could have a fireplace or burning candle. The idea is to strike a nice balance between all five. Look closely at the literal and symbolic elements in your home; they can cause imbalance in your emotional life.
  • Maximize Natural Light. Natural light makes us feel happier and more positive – and mirrors can magnify that light. When you hang a mirror, make sure it reflects more light, a serene view, or an expansive part of the room.
  • Keep Your House Clear of Clutter. While this may seem obvious, many of us are all too guilty of accumulating things that don’t have a specific function. An excessive amount of clutter stops us from having clarity of thought and can weigh us down emotionally. Make sure that you have a system for everything in your life, from paying bills, to recycling, to having a designated spot for your keys. You’ll feel lighter, less frazzled, and more efficient.
  • Remove Negative Symbolism. Symbolism bombards us every day. Evaluate what challenges you are facing in life and try to identify whether they’re symbolically showing up in your space. Remove the symbols and replace them with items you want to attract.

    We understand these principles and are happy to work with you to find the best balance in your life. Let’s talk about it!
    Your Friends at Crystal Creek Builders

    Adapted from an article in MyDomaine.com, featuring feng sui expert Laura Benko

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