Fire Evacuation Preparation in Prescott

May 19, 2015

Fire Evacuation Preparation in Prescott

122777bThe 2015 fire season is in full swing and many Prescott AZ residents already witnessed the Prescott Fire Department dealing with an early example of the season’s realities a few weeks ago. On Tuesday, March 31, Prescott firefighters responded to a grass fire near Pioneer Park that was ignited by a spark from a nearby steel grinder. The fire burned nearly a half-acre of grassland in the Jack Drive/Rawhide area, before extinguished by firefighters. The accidental incident served as a timely reminder of the fire dangers in Prescott as wildfire season heats up.

The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) notes that wildfire season historically picks up in May, and local officials and organizations say it is important to take steps to prepare for the 2015 fire season. DEMA recently asked residents to “have the backs” of firefighters by taking some simple home-improvement steps, such as removing brush near homes. The Yavapai County Contractors Association also cautioned residents to keep “defensible space” in mind – by removing potential heat sources such as piles of firewood, spare building materials, vehicles, or anything else that could attract a fire. Homeowners are also encouraged to move items that will burn – woodpiles, lawn chair, and grills – away from their homes.

On May 4th the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to proclaim the month of May as “Yavapai County’s Wildfire Community Preparedness Month”. The proclamation highlights the unique risks posed by wildfire, and the preparedness measures citizens can take to mitigate the potential hazard.

Prescott residents should also have a wildfire evacuation kit prepared and ready to go including essentials such as:

  • A week’s supply of prescription medications
  • Important documents backed up electronically or kept together ready to move
  • Pet food, water, and carrier ready to go
  • Photos and mementos together for quick pick-up

It’s never too early to prepare. Remember, it’s already too late when you’re told to evacuate.

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