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Partner with us to offer your clients unparalleled home building opportunities, whether it’s a custom build on their land or one of our exclusive Signature Home-Lot Packages at Stringfield at Granite Mountain. And enhance your earnings with our unique first-draw pay policy. ​
Let’s create exceptional living experiences together!​

Custom Builds:
Your Clients’ Land, Our Craftsmanship​

At Crystal Creek Builders, we don’t just build houses, we craft dream homes. Our process begins with a free lot evaluation prior to your clients’ land purchase, ensuring every step is grounded in expertise and foresight.​

Our dedicated in-house team seamlessly navigates every aspect of the custom home building journey, from design to final construction. ​

Plus, our unique modified fixed-cost approach, unlike traditional cost-plus builders, provides your clients financial peace of mind.

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Exceptional Home-Lot Packages:
An Opportunity You Can’t Miss​

Offer your clients the opportunity of a lifetime with Crystal Creek Builders’ Signature Home-Lot Packages. These exclusive packages merge custom home designs with prime lots with panoramic vistas in the coveted Stringfield community in Prescott. Delivering architectural elegance, prime location, and extraordinary views, these packages are a perfect match for your discerning clients. ​

And if they envision something a little different, we’re more than ready to customize every detail to suit their unique preference.

Maximizing Opportunities:
The Benefits of Selling Custom Homes​

Are you looking to enhance your income and client satisfaction? Selling custom homes could be your pathway to achieving both!​

Watch our video to learn the top 3 reasons why selling custom homes can elevate your real estate career. Discover how Crystal Creek Builders can be the right partner on this exciting journey.​

TOP 10 REASONS Crystal Creek




Referral fees paid at first draw!

Assist in Closing Deals


Free lot evaluations and guidance for informed decisions.

Minimize Involvement


Introduce us to Clients; we handle the rest.

Impress Clients


Exceptional customer service and high-quality design for just $975 ( a $15,000 value).

35-Year History of Success


Expertise in building on complex lots with high-quality craftsmanship.



800+ homes built, trusted “Hometown Builder.”

Quality and Trust


HOA referrals, trusted by realtors to build their own homes.

Limited Financial Risk


Modified fixed cost builder, builder assumes most of the cost increases.

Streamlined Process


One-stop service reducing time from design to completion.

Highest Customer Rating


Recognized as the best custom home builder in the region, with user-friendly tools and personalized support.

Selling a Custom Home is a win.    Working with Crystal Creek is a win-win.