Form, function and a little glam for your pets

September 8, 2020

When it comes to planning custom homes, buyers have been stretching the list of amenities to include special touches for their pets – and we’re not talking fencing and doggy doors!

Here are a few trends that pet parents are thinking about and Crystal Creek can help bring to life:

  • Dog-level eating stations can be built into your design – and make it easy to clean food and water spills. No more tripping over bowls! Consider a drawer that can be slid back in after feeding time, or in an open cabinet space where they can remain permanently. A popular space is at the end of the kitchen island or cabinetry.
  • Washing stations can make it easier for both you and your mud-loving pup to deal with a task neither of you likes all that much! This trend has become a common addition in laundry rooms, garages and in a special outside corner. It can also be a plus for young children who need to wash off after a finger-painting day!
  • Built-in sleeping spaces help pups claim their own turf. According to the American Humane Association, dogs, as den animals, need a sanctuary that is just large enough for them to fit inside and feel secure.” This kind of design can be built in any area of the home – from laundry room to great room.
  • The litter box is a high priority for cat owners, and there is no better time to plan for it than when you are building a custom home. Consider building a space into the wall, or even creating a tunnel space leading from the inside of your home to the garage if you really want to keep the litter box out of seeing and smelling range.
  • Cat walks can make life a bit more fascinating for your feline family members. A network of walkways, tunnels and bridges can be endless fun for Fluffy – and can easily be converted to shelves for books and collectibles when it comes to resale.
  • Catios are small enclosed screened porches raised above ground level so kitties can safely enjoy fresh air.
  • Pet sheds, like man-caves or she-sheds for us two-legged types, create special outdoor spaces that go far beyond the traditional doghouse! They can be designed to match your house or can cleverly tuck into your landscaping. You can be especially creative in this area if you have rabbits or birds.
  • Custom doors can help keep your pet sectioned off to specific areas of the home – without unsightly baby gates. Consider half-height sliding pocket doors or Dutch doors that allow the top half of the door to open while the bottom half remains closed.

One more thing to think about: With a custom home, you can make decisions about your flooring with pet ownership in mind. Hardwood floors are a good option but can be scratched and stained if pet accidents aren’t cleaned up promptly. Bamboo is a great alternative to hardwood; it is extremely hard and is resistant to stains. Stone tiles is another great option, it is more scratch resistant than hardwood and less likely to stain from pet accidents. Luxury vinyl flooring is becoming more popular in homes with children and pets, as it is scratch and stain resistant and can still have a luxury look and feel. Ceramic tiles work well but may be cold for your pet to lay on, but that’s something a nice rug could fix. Carpet should be avoided with pets as it can easily be ruined.

For more information on all these options, including hardwood choices, give us a call. Let’s talk about it!

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