Four Places Your Home Might be Losing Heat

December 9, 2019

During the winter months, keeping your home warm while maintaining a low utility bill can be a challenge for homeowners. If you feel like your home is always chilly, you may have a draft. Here are four the places your home might be losing heat.

Doors: a leading source of lost heat can be old doors or doors that need general maintenance. Make sure the door frames are well insulated with weather stripping or foam tape to fill in the gapes. Under the door you may want to install new door sweeps to keep the heat inside. If general maintenance is not enough, you may want to upgrade your doors with new.

Around the Windows: like outdated doors, the windows in your home are a prime place to lose heat. Not only does the heat escape, but old windows create a draft. Updating your windows can be a costly endeavor, so you may want to consider a high-quality window treatment to keep warm air inside. It’s estimated that drapes can reduce heat lose by approximately ten percent during the winter months.

Power Outlets and Switches: If outlets aren’t insulated properly, heat may be escaping through the walls. If you are handy, you can easily install additional insulation around the outlets and switches.

The roof: If your roof is old or needs maintenance, this could be another area your home is losing heat. Heat can escape through cracks in roof shingles, or worn-out insultation. Have your roof inspected by a licensed roofer on a general basis to ensure your home is keeping the heat in during the winter months.

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