Four Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home for Sale

August 12, 2019

Four Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home for Sale

Preparing your home for sale can be more of a daunting task then selling it. Since a strong first impression is important for potential home buyers, it is important that you declutter and prepare as if the home had never been lived in. Here are four staging tips that are easy to do!

Out with the old: a walk-through of your home through the eyes of a would-be-buyer is a great way to identify the old and get rid of it. Look for outdated, old accessories, decorations, etc. Do a good cleaning around the areas that tend to build up grim, like around the garbage can or perhaps replace the shower curtain with a fresh, new one.

Consider what a buyer wants: pick trends in colors or decorations that apply to your potential buyer but less is always better. Keep the colors neutral and easy on the eyes. Depending on whether you are selling a first-time home, or a retirement home will determine which features of your home that you want to highlight.

What’s that smell? Ask someone who doesn’t’ live in your home for an honest opinion. If you have pets you may want to consider a professional cleaning, including the carpet before you put the house on the market. The last thing you want is for a buyer to be hit with an unpleasant smell! Other options include opening the windows for a few hours to air it out, or some yummy candles to burn when a buyer is touring the property.

Consider a storage unit: preparing a home for sale doesn’t mean you have to rid yourself of all your precious items forever. Consider renting a storage unit that you can pack them away and keep them safely stored for your next home.

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