Good Luck In Your New Home

October 24, 2020

This Halloween season, take a minute to read up on some superstitions and traditions about new homes:

When to move

  • Choose an auspicious moving day and date. Thursday can be the luckiest day for moving; Friday and Saturday, not so much. As for the date itself, consult a Hindu calendar, Chinese Almanac, alignment of the planets, or your zodiac sign.
  • Rain on move-in day can be a bad omen (and otherwise messy), so check long-term weather forecasts when scheduling your move.
  • Move when the moon is waxing – even though it’s difficult to trace the roots of that ancient superstition, it is widely believed in all over the world.

Crossing the threshold

  • It’s an old Irish tradition to make sure you enter and leave through the front door. After that it’s OK to use whatever door is convenient.
  • Philippine tradition recommends scattering coins in the living room on your first day and prosperity will follow.
  • In Russia, it’s considered good luck to let a cat walk across the threshold of your new home before you move in.
  • When you enter for the first time, bring symbols of abundance, prosperity, happiness and hospitality: bread, salt, honey, wine, rice, candles, and other similar tokens can bring a blessing to your new home. (The combo of bread and salt is traditionally given as a gift from family/neighbors. Good to know!)
  • An old Feng Shui tradition says don’t bring an old broom into your new home. Leave your past in the dust and start fresh in the new home.
  • The Native American tradition of burning sage cleanses the home of negativity before starting anew. Simply bundle white sage with other fragrant items such as lavender and let it smolder like incense.
  • Ringing a bell in your new home also wards off negativity and create a fresh vibe in the home.
  • A messy tradition, but one those in the Indian tradition swear by… boiling milk and rice until the pot overflows gives the home an image of the abundance of wealth and food the inhabitants can enjoy.
  • Southwestern tradition says to keep an aloe plant outside your home – it’ll suck up any bad vibes trying to get in.


  • Make sure your floor plan includes an east-facing window for good luck.
  •  It’s an old southern tradition to paint your porch blue to ward off spirits. As a bonus, many say blue paint repels insects from nesting and can brighten your space at dusk.

Believe in these superstitions or not. It’s up to you. Either way, we’re here to help. Most important: don’t forget to throw yourself a housewarming party. Filling your house with people you love literally warms up the rooms.

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