Smarter for you. Better for the planet.

Your Crystal Creek home comes with peace of mind – in the form of health, safety and environmental features.

We call it HEALTH SMART™, and here are just a few reasons why:

It starts with energy-efficient design and construction (the things you’re probably not even thinking about – but we are!)

  • Air-tightening construction with foam sealants
  • Solid filled reinforced foundation walls
  • R-22 thermal spray insulation in exterior walls
  • R-49 monitored quality ceiling insulation
  • R-19 floor insulation
  • Gasket-sealed exterior bottom wall plates
  • Ductwork sealed with mastic at joints for reduced leakage and increased energy savings
  • Efficient heating and cooling equipment, with air returns designed for maximum balance of heating and cooling systems
  • Dual-pane vinyl Low-E thermal windows and skylights
  • Hot water re-circulating pump
  • Airtight recessed ceiling lights
  • Honeywell ultraviolet light filter

Then we top it off with features to keep you and the planet feeling safe and secure:

  • Extensive use of recycled natural materials
  • Insulated bath and laundry room walls for sound control
  • Insulated garage doors
  • Hard-wired smoke/carbon monoxide alarms
  • Hard-wired deadbolt locks
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Ceiling fans for increased air movement
  • Silent floor system
  • Low water-use toilets and faucets
  • Five-year termite soil treatment
  • Exhaust fans vented to outside
  • Two year limited warranty

And we do it all while preserving the natural beauty of our Arizona landscape.


  • Exhaust Ventilation Timers
  • Low Volatile Paints
  •  Carpet With Indoor Air Quality Label
  • Whole House Fresh Air Exchanger

NEW! Honeywell Air Treatment System

Honeywell Air Treatment System

  • Works with your HVAC system
  • Needs virtually no maintenance
  • Needs no expensive filters
  • Uses no costly chemicals Fully automatic

Honeywell uses ultraviolet rays to kill potentially harmful microorganisms, including those which cause:

  • Bacteria
  • Mold Spores
  • Viruses

What’s more, the Honeywell System destroys airborne allergens, kills mold and mildew.