Keep Your Home Safe with These Tips

March 9, 2020

Even in our small community, crime happens, but you can protect yourself and your home without installing complicated and expensive security systems. Here are six tips that the bad guys don’t want you to know!

Peak Times: despite what we might think about criminal behavior, most home burglaries happen in the middle of the day. The last thing the bad guy wants is to encounter someone at home. Peak times for break ins happen between 12:30pm and 2:30pm as those are the times it is very likely no one will be home.

Landscaping: keep your shrubs and large landscaping neat and trimmed so that you are not creating a hiding spot for burglars. If you want to plant near or in front of a window, opt to plant something thorny that will detract the bad buy.

Social Media: while its fun to post where you are during the day, especially if you are away on a great vacation, however criminals scout public social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others looking for homes to burglarize. Even if your accounts are private, someone you know could be the bad guy! Avoid posting when you are not home or how long you will be gone. And its best to wait until you return from vacation to post all your amazing photos!

Don’t Leave Valuables Out in the Open: leaving your valuables within sight of a window is an easy invitation to break-in to your home – even a view of your car parked in the garage is eye candy for the bad guy. Keys, mail and calendars should be kept out of sight as well.

Security Features: burglaries want nothing to do with a home that have a security system – and unfortunately homes without one are 300 percent more likely to be targeted for a break-in! If you decide to install a professional security system (or if you already have one) make sure that you do a regular cleaning of the exterior key pad as dust and residue can build up, making it easy for a burglar to figure out your entry code.

Unlocked windows, unused deadbolts and poorly lit homes are targets, so be sure you use the security features your home already has. Another easy and affordable tip is to install motion sensor lights, flood lights or timed lights to make it appear someone is home. Leaving a TV or radio on is also a deterrent as well as a car parked in the driveway.

Advertising Your Weapons: A gun is stolen roughly every two minutes in the U.S. so if you are a proud gun owner, its important to know that it doesn’t keep the bad guy away – its an invitation! NRA bumper stickers or Smith & Wesson yard signs are advertisements that your home has guns available to theft.

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