Launching a Home-Based Business? Choose One of These Strategies to Create the Perfect At-Home Workspace

March 9, 2021

Having the right workspace when launching a home-based business is essential. Whether you are offering life coaching services, IT services, or baked goods, you need to ensure that your “office” meets all of your needs. Not only is this key for productivity and growth, but it can also be a requirement to hold certain licenses and permits.

If you’re yet to create your at-home workspace, you have several fantastic options from which you can choose. Crystal Creek Builders explains how to design the perfect custom space for your business.

Make design changes.

Will your new business only require office space? If so, simple design changes to your existing home may be all you need. If you have one or two extra rooms or spaces, decide which will be the best fit. You can do this by assessing each room/space for how soundproof they are, the level of distraction likely to occur in those locations, and how well they will store supplies, equipment, and inventory.

Once you’ve made your selection, you can begin redesigning the space. First, move out any clutter, unneeded furniture, and all items that you won’t be using. At this stage, you could also consider repainting the walls to add a splash of color. Next, add pieces that will be crucial to the daily functioning of your business. This could include a storage rack, a desk, your computer, a chair for clients, and so on. Finally, make the space your own. Hang up artwork, bring in your favorite plants, and spread out a rug that goes with your decor.

Plan renovations.

Certain home based-businesses require a bit more work when it comes to prepping a suitable space. This is especially true if certain parts of your home are in need of repair, or if you need to meet certain standards to earn a license.

Before scheduling renovations, select the room or space you plan to use. After doing this, create a wish list of items you’d like to upgrade as part of the renovation. This could include everything from new flooring to the addition of a dedicated handwashing sink for food prep businesses. Once you’ve established all renovations that you’d like completed, seek quotes from local contractors.

Build a custom home.

In some cases, your best option will be to move to a new home to accommodate the needs of your business. Instead of renting a separate facility, you can build a custom home that includes dedicated space(s) for your home-based business. This is especially helpful for those who are opening a food-based business as these must adhere to strict rules and regulations. To further explore the option of a custom build, see Crystal Creek Builders sample floor plans.

Whether you choose to build or buy a new home to make room for your business, you should first determine how much you can realistically afford, get pre-approved for a loan, and create a list of what else you’d like in your new home. Furthermore, see how you can take advantage of the many benefits of forming an LLC, as well as how you can avoid hefty lawyer fees.

Still on the fence about which option is right for you? When in doubt, choose the one that will ultimately allow you to grow your business. Be future-minded in all decisions related to your home-based business. Having sufficient space to grow into is one way to do exactly that.

Crystal Creek Builders is the leading custom home builder in Prescott, AZ. Request a free lot evaluation and see how you can get a custom home design for just $975.

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