Making Design Decisions – Together

May 15, 2020

He likes stone. She likes wood. He wants patios. She wants porches. She loves modern. He loves traditional.

How do you make decisions as a family that keep the peace… and keep everyone happy?

Here are a few key ideas:
1. Communicate. It’s important to understand how each person feels, how they see things, and why they prefer what they prefer. And the best way to gather that information is by asking the “why” questions and listening (really listening) to the answers. You might find plenty of room for compromise if you take the time to hear each other out. Make the extra effort to let your decision-making partner understand that their input is important.

2. Narrow the Field. Decide what you feel is really important to you – and to your partner. Don’t go to battle on the smaller stuff that you know you’ll be able to live with.

3. Lay the Groundwork. Do your homework and start early in the process so you’re not leaving decisions to the last minute. Discuss together what kind of space you want, as well as how you think you’ll get there.  Use our  Visualizer Tool  to come up with color and material combinations that both of you find appealing.     

4. Respect. When you hand over decision making to your partner, trust their judgment and allow them free rein – until your opinion is needed. Trust

5. Phone a Friend. There are experts waiting to help – including our team at Crystal Creek. We’re not here to “break the tie,” but we can provide solid information based on 30+ years of experience building 700+ new homes. If you have questions, chances are, we’ve heard ‘me before!

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