New Commission on Veterans Initiative Created in Prescott

March 21, 2018

New Commission on Veterans Initiative Created in Prescott

Prescott has a large population of veterans and Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli wants to make sure the City is providing vets with even more medical and social services. That’s why Mengarelli has proposed an ad hoc Commission on Veterans Initiatives.

The new committee is just one of a number of changes Mengarelli has made in the make-up of city committees since he took office in November. Tying in with the city’s efforts to ramp up its economic development, Mengarelli foresees the new commission working to create more job opportunities for younger veterans who are from the more recent conflicts, beginning with Desert Storm in the early 1990s, and continuing through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The new commissioners –Markham, Stan Goligoski, Pat Kuykendall, and Michelle Stacy-Schroeder, all veterans – were sworn into office in February, and conducted their first meeting in early March. Among the objectives of Commission on Veterans Initiatives will be to “coordinate and advance the needs, activities, and encourage the growth of the veteran community within the City of Prescott Departments.”

Additional objectives of the veterans’ commission include: advocate and draft city policy to address and support the needs of veterans; act as a link between local veteran organizations and promote collaboration; identify veteran programs that complement the city’s master plans, programs and objectives; and identify and promote industry and governmental agencies’ recognized benchmarks for veteran program success.

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