Newly Paved City of Prescott’s Constellation Trails is Ready to Go

January 10, 2018

Newly Paved City of Prescott’s Constellation Trails is Ready to Go

The City of Prescott’s Constellation Trails is already the go-to trail for Prescott residents wanting to show off the area’s beauty to visiting family and friends. Now, a newly paved trail head is making the Prescott favorite trail even more usable.

About 46,000 people visited the trail in 2016 alone and the numbers are expected to rise in 2018 with the newly added trail. Public use of the land dates back to 2008, when the city used open space sales tax money to buy 80 acres of prime Dells property from the Harold James Family Trust. About three years later, work was underway on a network of trails, which now snake through the rocky terrain, leading hikers with a series of white dots.

“It’s a great example of use of an open space parcel,” Recreation Services Director Joe Baynes said of the nearly three miles of trails. “We’re real proud of it.”

Earlier this year, the city began a Highway 89 widening project, which includes a new roundabout near the Phippen Museum, as well as a new 40-space paved trailhead across the highway. Previously, trail users had to park across Highway 89 at the museum and walk or ride through a low box culvert to get to the trail. Despite the ongoing construction work on the roundabout, word is getting out in the community about the new trailhead. By noon on Friday, January 5th, about twenty vehicles were parked in the lot.

And the improvements won’t stop with the parking lot. Baynes said his department plans to propose a new restroom at the trailhead in next year’s budget. Noting that the restroom likely would get use from not just trail users but from highway travelers as well, Baynes estimates the cost at about $125,000 to $150,000.

The Constellation trailhead is located at 5761 Highway 89, Prescott. Because of the ongoing work on the adjacent roundabout, city officials say drivers can most easily get to the new trailhead from the north. More information on the Constellation Trails is available on the city’s website here. For more fun things to do in Prescott, please contact Crystal Creek Builders.

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