Painted Rocks Found in Prescott, Arizona

October 8, 2019

Have you found a cheerful surprise outside recently? Well, be on the look out because there is a group of anonymous people painting rocks and leaving them around town to spread kindness and joy in our northern Arizona community!

This is a project of just a few people, this is a movement happening across the state and the country with “rock” groups including Prescott Rocks, Prescott Valley Rocks, Chino Valley Rocks and Phx Rocks. Some of the artists get together to paint rocks and brainstorm ideas. And they love to know where the rocks end up across the world. There is a Prescott Rocks Facebook page, where people are sharing their stories about the rocks.

“This is a wonderful group to belong [to] and everyone is like a big family and so giving. We paint rocks to make others happy. You never know whose day you’re going to make. It is a wonderful act of kindness.”

Auntie Doni shared, “A friend of mine had told me about Painted Rocks some years back, but for one reason or another, I left that idea on the backburner. We moved to Prescott 3 years ago and being from Hawaii, I wanted to #SpreadSomeAloha, that’s when I discovered Prescott Rocks FB Group. I so enjoy opening this page and reading about folks who have painted & hidden rocks, but more so the stories about those having been found. It’s amazing how such a small thing can brighten another person’s day, week, month and dare I say life. I love it when the finder says that they are going to KEEP their found treasure, that’s the best!”

You can join the fun! If you find a rock, you can choose it’s next destination, keep it or make one of your own painted rocks to share with an unsuspecting person. This is just another example of the support and thoughtfulness that is the community of Prescott, Arizona! If you find rock, please be sure to share it on the Prescott eNews Facebook page!

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Source: Prescott eNews

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