Prescott – One of Arizona’s most beautiful towns

June 21, 2021

Don’t take our word for it – we found the list is on the award-winning travel website, Culture Trip.

According to the site, Arizona’s location on the U.S. border, tucked between California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico, creates a fascinating blend of cultures and histories. The towns range from ex-mining hubs to rural valley paradises, ensuring that the Grand Canyon State has so many different ways to woo you into a visit – or making it your permanent home.

Here’s what the site had to say about Prescott, our home town:

Prescott is set among a gorgeous landscape that makes it a great place for adventure seekers and culture lovers alike. With everything from granite mountains to ponderosa pine forests and lakes, recreational activities include hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking. Head into town to experience a host of cultural highlights, including the Phippen Museum, a space specializing in western art. Another must-visit destination is Whiskey Row, which used to be home to more than 40 saloons; it’s now a vibrant downtown area brimming with restaurants and other cultural delights.

We don’t know exactly where Prescott ranked on the list of 10 because the towns were posted in alphabetical order.  But in our hearts, we’re at #1.

Give us a call to talk about why we love the area so much – and why we’re so busy building custom homes here!

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