Prescott Water Conservation Rebate Program

July 22, 2019

Prescott Water Conservation Rebate Program

The city of Prescott, Arizona has recently updated their Water Conservation Rebate Program, with the following rebates and incentives available now.

  • Bathroom toilets with a 1.0 gallon per flush or less will be a $100.00 rebate. An additional $50.00 rebate is available for water customers who use a septic system.
  • Smart irrigation timers will be rebated $75.00
  • Rainwater harvesting cisterns will be rebated 50 cents per gallon of storage
  • A passive water harvesting system rebate is available at $3.00/square foot of the drainage footprint. Please visit for more details.
  • Turf removal will increase from $0.25/square foot of turf removed to $0.50/square foot of turf removed.
  • Washing machines will be rebated at $200.00, however please visit for more details on the eligible washing machines and additional requirements to qualify for this rebate.

The city of Prescott would like to encourage residents and businesses to use water efficiently. This water conservation rebate program is designed to assist and promote replacing outdated systems and appliances. As a community, practicing low-water usage lifestyles will ensure a long-term, sufficient water supply in our area. For more information, please visit or call 928-777-1645.

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