Reviving a Historic Feature – REALLY Historic

November 14, 2020

As we’ve blogged previously, the pandemic seems to be changing people’s relationship with their homes, including the desire to maximize our use of outdoor living spaces. And you can create your own haven as part of your new custom home.

According to a recent article in, homeowners are doing what they can to create private havens on their properties. Some are harkening back to historic eras when interior courtyards were fully enveloped in the home’s architecture and accessible from adjacent rooms that opened onto them. This design provided a household with private areas to gather amid fruit trees and flowering plants, but away from the prying eyes of passersby and potential security threats.

Think ancient Rome.

Just as in ancient times, a basic interior courtyard – open air or with a glass ceiling – would include plants, flowers, trees, benches and tables. Other desirable elements include water features, fireplaces, shade structures, bird feeders, garden beds and more.

It’s all about providing a secure, comfortable space to experience nature. Experts note that exposure to the outdoors can help ease anxiety and support calm. These mental health and wellness benefits also help educational settings for children and college students.

So, when thinking about creating your own dream home, this connection to nature, especially in beautiful Arizona, might need a prominent place on your “must have” list.

As they might have said in ancient Rome, Et sanitas tua!*

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* To your health!

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