What Crystal Creek Homeowners are Saying

When you’re considering something as important as building a new home, great referrals and testimonials are important for your peace of mind.
So, don’t just take our word for it; ask around. Here’s what you’ll hear:

Excellent service

Buying, let alone building a home has never been so easy or pleasant an experience as has been the case with your staff. You offer an end-to-end service from property sale, through initial design, all the way to finished structure. Such a one-stop-shop scenario makes building a home LOTS simpler than would otherwise be the case. – Kirk 


We felt like family

I remember how stressed I was when we signed our contract.  We had never done this before and we didn’t know what we were “signing up for”.   On top of that my husband got sick right after, which only added to our anxiety.  To our surprise, the team at Crystal Creek rallied around us and took us under their wing, they were there for us every step of the way, not only as a customer but like a close family member.   We felt supported and cared for every step of the way.

We love our home and don’t have enough words to express the level of gratitude we feel for our Crystal Creek family. – Ruth

Stay away from one-person companies!

The last time we got our home built we went with a one-man company because he was the lowest price, he got sick and construction stopped.  This time we went with Crystal Creek and loved having a great team around us every step of the way. – Debra

Choose Crystal Creek for unparalleled peace of mind

While my neighbor struggles with a cost-plus builder, stuck in framing with 70% budget depleted, I am grateful. With Crystal Creek, my project nears completion, reflecting exceptional quality and efficiency. – Ted

Heard horror stories about cost-plus builders

Over the years I have heard too many horror stories from friends who built homes about running out of money halfway through the project because their cost-plus builder went way over budget, with Crystal Creek I knew exactly what I was going to spend. Having a fixed-price builder removed the financial stress of building a home. – Rob

We felt like we were in town, from a distance.

We lived in California when we bought a lot and hired CC to build our home.   We worried about doing this virtually, but the process felt as easy as if we were in town.  Crystal Creek has communication down to a science. Their user-friendly online tools gave us full visibility into every aspect of our project, we even got to see daily pictures. – Richard


Crystal Creek has the most horsepower

My husband is an engineer and I am an actuary, we like things a certain way and we do our homework before we commit to something. We researched every builder in town and even had spreadsheets with the pros and cons of each. We concluded that Crystal Creek is the custom builder in Prescott with the most horsepower.

Our homework paid off. We had a great experience with Crystal Creek and highly recommend them.
– Sarah

I trust Crystal Creek

As a realtor in the Prescott area, I am in and out of homes every day.  When I decided to build my own custom home, I only trusted Crystal Creek. – Bill

They build a great home!

Part of my role is to monitor very closely the construction projects in our HOA and the quality of the Crystal Creek homes is excellent – they build a great home! – Bob

Our faith in you was NOT misplaced!

People asked us “how can you have a new home built and not be there to check it every day?” we told them we felt we could trust you to “do it right”. Our faith in you was NOT misplaced! – Dot and Bill

We love them so much, we built with them twice!

We built the first home with Crystal Creek over 15 years ago. We absolutely loved it! So much so that when our needs changed and we decided to move, we called Crystal Creek to build our new home. Surprisingly, they were even better the second time around. Their new “user-friendly” tools made everything easier – and fun! –  Don and Sandy