Three Reasons to Consider Moving to Prescott, Arizona

July 8, 2019

Three Reasons to Consider Moving to Prescott, Arizona

Are you dreaming of a change of scenery but still want the benefits of the city with a friendly, small town feel? How about the chance to experience four beautiful seasons and breathtaking mountain views? Prescott, Arizona is known as “Everybody’s Hometown” because most people find something here that reminds them of where they grew up; Prescott, Arizona literally has something for everyone! People are noticeably friendly here and the overall small-town charm and hospitality keeps people coming back year after year. Whether you’re looking to retire or searching for a new town to call home here are three consider moving to Prescott, Arizona

  1. Safety: Though no town can guarantee 100 percent safety from crime or theft, the Prescott Area Narcotics Task Force (PANT) is very effective in monitoring drug activity, and occasional raids and arrests made by PANT make headlines in the local newspapers. Law enforcement in the city of Prescott is provided by the Prescott Police Department and in the unincorporated area by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department. Both agencies have DARE programs, and the Police Department provides bicycle and motorcycle officers in addition to cruisers. The Prescott Fire Department has five stations located throughout the city.
  2. Climate: Prescott, Arizona enjoys what is probably among the finest four-season climates experienced in the U.S. – a mile above the oppressive desert heat of summer, yet warm enough to melt a snowfall off within a day or two in winter. Low humidity year-round benefits respiratory patients, yet there is enough moisture to support many square miles of Ponderosa Pine in the nearby National Forest. And the town of Prescott enjoys clean air and some of Arizona’s 300 days of sunshine reputation as well.
  3. Activities: If you can’t find something to do in Prescott, you’re not looking very hard! Prescott offers a slew of great things to do in the community ranging from museums, galleries, and art shows to fine dining restaurants and community centers. Folks will love the tree-lined plaza and surrounding shops in the downtown Prescott known as Whiskey Row, which offers a variety of specialty boutiques, restaurants, famous bars, haunted hotels and an active nightlife scene. And if you love the outdoors, the Prescott National Forest offers kayaking, camping, hiking, bird watching and so many other outdoor opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy nearly year-round.

If Prescott, Arizona sounds like your ideal place to relocate then, please contact Crystal Creek Builders to learn how you can have a custom dream home built in the Prescott area. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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