Top 3 storage must-haves for your custom home

May 28, 2017

Top 3 storage must-haves for your custom home

If you’re like most people, keeping your environment neat and organized is something you desire for your home and a necessary evil. Who likes living in a cluttered space when they’ve got other places to put their time and energy? One of the number one complaints homeowners have about their homes, whether custom built or existing, is lack of storage. So here are the top 3 storage must-haves to for your custom home.

1.) The Entryway: Entryways are typically the first place clutter is stored and how clutter gets into the home in the first place. When you’re tired from a long day at work or had a hectic day picking the kids up from school, dropping bags, tossing mail, and kicking off shoes right at the front door is the first thing you do. Customizing the entry way in your custom home is a great way to fight clutter. Options like shoe cubbies, dual purpose wall hooks that double as lighting, entry way tables, and built-in cabinetry alcoves to hide unsightly messes can help keep your sanity the moment you walk in.

2.) The Bedroom: The bedroom is your sanctuary, but clothes everywhere, messy closets, and other assorted clutter can make it your least favorite place in your home. Again, there’s no shortage of storage options from beds with built-in storage drawers and headboards with shelving to creative dual purpose wall-mount lighting and storage options. The sanity saving storage options are only limited by your imagination (and budget).

3.) Kitchen: Kitchens are the heart of the home and unfortunately the very bane of clutter’s existence for homeowners who want to be more organized. Fortunately there’s no shortage of clever storage options for custom kitchens. From cabinetry slide out cutouts that house kitchen essentials and alleviate taking up counter space, to pull-out garbage cans and composters to corner built shelves and custom pantry shelving to meet your needs. Even dual purpose mobile kitchen islands that have built-in slots for appliance garages can be designed to make your kitchen experience more organized and less chaotic.

Because built-ins are custom-made for each space, they maximize every square inch of your home. If you’re looking for more storage must-have ideas for your custom home, we invite you to visit Crystal Creek Builders. We’ll help you build the custom home of your dreams with more storage options than you could imagine!

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