Visualizing Your New Home in 3D

June 3, 2020

Introducing Virtual Designer, a free visualizer tool for anyone who’s considering a custom home build or remodel. 

Maybe you know exactly what you want your new home to look like. You’ve been watching HGTV for years, collecting ideas and creating your own, unique style. Or, maybe you’re focused on current trends and want to make sure you get the latest and greatest in every finish—in every room.

Most of us are somewhere in between. That’s where Virtual Designer comes in really handy. 

Our dynamic 3D visualization tool allows you to look at hundreds of finishes in real rooms, in real time, and in real combinations with one another.
The Design Studio can help you create the spaces that mirror in your imagination. In full living color.
And if you’re new to the design game and can’t tell the difference between marble, quartz and granite, we promise the Design Studio will be your favorite new playground!
Just click here to get started.

  • Select an interior or exterior scene
  • Mix and match finishes until you land on the ones you love.
  • Save your selections and, if you’d like, share them with your friends and family

What could be easier…or more fun…or more free?
With the Design Studio at your fingertips, your Crystal Creek home is only a few clicks away!

If you have questions about building your dream home, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

You deserve a Crystal Creek home.

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