What are the Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2019? You’ll be Surprised!

November 11, 2019

Houzz recently completed a study of 1,361 homeowners who had either remodeled a master bathroom in the last twelve months or plan to in the next year. There are some surprising trends that are sweeping the nation in 2019 like anti-fog mirrors, smart toilets and accent walls.

The trend of clean, hard lines appear to be fading in popularity among homeowners and being replaced with combinations of different styles and more minimalist and modern.

“The general goal is to create a sanctuary, a private retreat for at least two people,” says Nino Sitchinava, the principal economist of Houzz. “They want their master bath to be functional. They want it to be useful because they use it multiple times a day. But they also want it to be beautiful.”

According to Houzz, homeowners spend a median $8,000 on a master bathroom renovation, and that is up by fourteen percent from 2018. “The cost of products and materials are increasing, and [that’s] driving up the average cost of a bathroom remodel,” says Sitchinava.

More than half of bathroom renovations include increasing the size of the shower, and in many cases ditching the tub for a larger shower instead. Its likely that this trend is driven by boomers who are aging in place and worry about the safety of climbing out of a tub and would rather walk into a shower that is large enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair in the future.

About a third of homeowners are making their showers stand out with an accent wall. About fifteen percent added the wall inside the shower, while twenty percent place them outside the shower. “An accent wall can bring a lot of personal touch into the room: a master bathroom that reflects their personal style,” says Sitchinava.

Another growing trend are smart toilets, as homeowners want their bathroom to be as high-tech as the rest of the house. About a third of renovations include a toilet with smart features such as self-cleaning, bidets, heated seats, overflow protection and built-in night lights. This trend is up by six percent this year.

Medicine cabinets are getting an upgraded too, with forty percent of homeowners opting for upgrades like lighting and hidden plugs. Mirrors are getting some special attention theses days with features that include anti-fog technology, LED lighting and hidden electrical plugs. Bathroom lighting is trending towards recessed and shower lights. For an extra pizzazz, some homeowners are installing chandeliers and pendant lighting using a mix of metal and glass elements.

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Source: https://www.realtor.com/news/trends/the-hottest-bathroom-trends-of-the-year/

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