Top 3 Materials for Building a Green Home

April 2, 2017

Top 3 Materials for Building a Green Home

Thinking about building a green, eco-friendly home? You’re not alone. More and more builders are accommodating homeowner’s requests for more energy efficient spaces that make less of an impact on the environment. This includes creating less building waste and utilizing alternative methods of heating and cooling fueled by nature. If you’re considering joining the green home movement, here are the top 3 materials for building a green home.

1.) Salvaging Saves: The EPA estimates that the 170 millions tons of annual building construction, renovation and demolition-derived waste account for nearly sixty percent of the nation’s non-industrial, non-hazardous solid waste. So if keeping construction material out of the landfill is an important factor, owners may opt to take apart an old structure piece by piece and reuse the materials in a new home to give it history and beauty.

2.) Natural Insulation: Most natural buildings avoid using foam insulation and vinyl siding and opt instead to work with more natural options. Everything from adobe, bamboo, cob, papercrete, straw bale, to slate, thatch, clay, and cedar shingles can be nicely incorporated into a modern custom sustainable home.

3.) Recycled Materials: The reuse of recycled materials is beginning to stand out as an innovative, highly effective, and artistic expression of sustainable design. Home builders have been getting creative with old materials like plastic PET bottles, beer bottles, and airplane wings. Even unorthodox materials such as soda cans and tires are being discovered as recyclable building materials.

At Crystal Creek, we build each of our custom homes to provide comfort and energy savings. Every new Crystal Creek Home includes vital HEALTH SMART ™ features such as highly energy efficient home design, extensive use of recycled natural materials when possible, energy efficient construction framing, low water-use toilets and faucets and sensitivity to nature preservation. So if you’re looking to build a custom home in Prescott that’s sustainable and eco-friendly, contact Crystal Creek Builders today for a free lot evaluation.

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